*Actual single word descriptions from clients, when asked about training with Servando Dominguez. 

As a qualified Personal Trainer since 2005, I’ve been transforming people like you, into a fitter, healthier and sexier versions of themselves.

Do you want to take your body to the next level?


Servando Dominguez

 Personal Training 


Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. I believe in finding the not terrible side of fitness; and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits of fitness are worth the discomfort. My unique training program helps my clients reach their goals, in a fun, time-efficient and motivating way. That is what drives me every day.


What I Do

As a health and fitness expert, I offer two unique fitness services and a wellness program. My clients chose between; private personal training, and shared group training. For those that also need help with their nutrition to lose weight, I have a wellness program called Healthy Colors. All my programs are designed with the purpose, to make you healthier, improve your confidence, motivate you and make you happier.

Sit Ups
Cross Fit Class
Cooking Class

Private Personal Training

Attention to Detail

You will get my full attention to all your movements in order to create perfect posture and shape your body the exact way you want it. You will feel comfortable and will not push to potential injuries. This program is also ideal if you need to set your own fitness schedule.

Shared Group Fitness

Affordable and Effective

Every session of only 2-3 people, make this program better than classes and more affordable than private sessions. Your workout will be unique and independent of other participants. Save money, get a great workout and make new friends.

Healthy Colors

Simple and Long Term Wellness

The adaptability to different life scenarios, the freedom of choice, new eating habits, long term results, and the convenience of  10-sec a day food log, make Healthy Colors the best alternative to diets and chemical produced weight loss products.

Ashley Before- After_edited.png

"I would trust Servando with my life, he is funny, easy-going, respectful and more importantly knowledgable beyond his years in health and fitness. I lost over 40lbs, I am a new person and I love my self more than ever."

Shared Training & Healthy Colors
Reseda, 91335

Erin Before-After 1_edited_edited.jpg

"This before and after picture surprised me. I didn't know how much I improved since I started training with Servando. My stomach got flat, my arms toned and my butt lifted. He really has my best interest at hand and listened to exactly what I wanted."

Private Training 
Encino, 91316

Me Jan 2019 1.jpg

"Lost control for about 2yrs, gained fat, felt ashamed. Created Healthy Colors, followed it and workout regularly. Lost 25lbs in 6 mo, but more importantly, I gained my confidence back. I know how to be unhealthy and I also know how to fix it."

Servando Dominguez
Private Training & Healthy Colors
Tarzana, 91356


Are You Ready?


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“After every workout, you should feel stronger, empowered, proud, motivated, tired in a good way, and happier than when you first walked in”

Servando A. Dominguez