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Feel and be happy with your body


The people I help want to make a change, workout regularly, and eat better.

They have the intent but somehow life keeps getting in the way, they've lost their motivation. 

Going to the health club feels like a chore, gyms are packed, and they don't know what to do to get the results they want to see. 

Is this you, too?

3 Reasons Why I am Able To Get My Clients Results:

Intense Training
Modern Gym
Fitness Instructor

Motivating Workout System

A unique system that makes working out fun and effective.

Private Gym

Get results in a clean, not crowded, and fully equipped gym.

Feel Better Immediately 

After every session, you will be happier with yourself, earn a strong sense of accomplishment which will keep you coming back, and then results will show you the person you truly are.


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Llifting Weights







*Single-word descriptions from clients, when asked about training with SD. 

Stop making excuses and act NOW


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First! lets see if we are a good fit. 

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"I would trust Servando with my life, he is funny, easy-going, respectful, and more importantly knowledgable beyond his years in health and fitness. I lost over 40lbs, I am a new person and I love myself more than ever."

Personal Training &
Healthy Food Coaching
Reseda, 91335

"This before and after picture surprised me. I didn't know how much I improved since I started training with Servando. My stomach got flat, my arms toned and my butt lifted. He really has my best interest at hand and listened to exactly what I wanted."

Personal Training 
Encino, 91316

"Lost myself for about 2yrs, gained fat, felt ashamed. Out of necessity, I developed my unique workout system and healthy food program.

 Lost 25lbs in 6 mo, but more importantly, I gained my confidence back. I know how to be unhealthy and I also know how to fix it."

Servando Dominguez
Fitness Professional 

Tarzana, 91356


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"As a qualified Personal Trainer for over 15yrs, I’ve helped hundreds of people transform into fitter, healthier, sexier, and happier versions of themselves."

Servando A. Dominguez BA


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