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High Desire, 

but Low Motivation?


The people I help want to hit the gym after work but don't.

They have the intent in the morning, but by the time they get out, they've lost their motivation. It feels like a chore, gyms are packed, and they don't know what to do to get the results they want to see. 

Is this you, too?

Intense Training
Modern Gym
Fitness Instructor

Motivating Workout System

A unique system that makes working out fun and effective.

Private Gym

Get results in a clean, not crowded, and fully equipped gym.

Feel Better Immediately 

After every session, you will be happier with yourself, earn a strong sense of accomplishment which will keep you coming back, and then results will show you the person you truly are.

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"I would trust Servando with my life, he is funny, easy-going, respectful and more importantly knowledgable beyond his years in health and fitness. I lost over 40lbs, I am a new person and I love my self more than ever."

Personal Training & HC
Reseda, 91335

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"This before and after picture surprised me. I didn't know how much I improved since I started training with Servando. My stomach got flat, my arms toned and my butt lifted. He really has my best interest at hand and listened to exactly what I wanted."

Private Training 
Encino, 91316

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"Lost control for about 2yrs, gained fat, felt ashamed. Decided to change my eating stuck to and developed my unique workout system. Lost 25lbs in 6 mo, but more importantly, I gained my confidence back. I know how to be unhealthy and I also know how to fix it."

Servando Dominguez
Private Training & HC
Tarzana, 91356

Llifting Weights







*Actual single word descriptions from clients, when asked about training with Servando Dominguez. 

Stop making excuses and act NOW


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"As a qualified Personal Trainer since 2005, I’ve helped transform people like you, into fitter, healthier and sexier versions of themselves."

Servando A. Dominguez BA