Annoying food trackers, and unrealistic diets.

After years in the health and fitness industry I have seen and experience a lot of crazy shit. From drinking what can only be the grossest purple-brown liquid in order to "cleanse" myself, to hopelessly trying to write and measure everything that went below my esophagus.

As the first chapter in Healthy Colors a 10-sec Wellness Program, I am not going to brag about its 90% success rate. I know I just did. Now that it's out of the way, let see if Healthy Colors is for you or if you should continue your search for health elsewhere.

After this short chapter, you will either recognize Healthy Colors for its potential to change your life or not. Either way I'll live. I'll cry and curse you to the heavens and when I die I will tell God, "forgive me for not making (your name here) see how awesome Healthy Colors is. He/She/Them, suffered at the hands of crazy diets, hating every minute of restrictions, starvation, bad mood and probably bad breath too. I failed to make them see how simple, effective and realistic HC is.

Obviously God, would be like; " It's cool bro, you gave it your best, now let's hit the gym and get swole, I'm losing my pump" or something like that.

What was I supposed to do now?

Oh yeah, convince you that all diets suck, and that the current food trackers are a huge pain in the ass, hence the title of the chapter. I actually don't have to convince you of anything. Diets and food trackers are so bad that their success rate is in the low digits. On average Americans diet for just 2-4 weeks before saying "fuck it" no matter if they have lost weight.

Let's pause for a second and analyse that last sentence.

Why does a person stop doing a diet if they are getting exactly what they wanted? They shouldn't stop, they should be happy about losing weight because that's what they wanted, right? Fuck no, that's what they thought they wanted but after the 4th time of making themselves say no to pizza, the initial desire of losing weight can not control the desire of a slice of a warm, chessy and toasty pizza. Everybody loves pizza, and everybody should be able to eat pizza, still lose weight and be healthy.

Question for you; on your last diet, or your last food restriction plan. Were you able to eat 2 slices of pizza without breaking the diet/plan? The answer is probably a solid "no".

Can you eat 2 slices of pizza with Healthy Colors and still lose weight at the end of the week? The answer is, yes you can.


The details how Healthy Colors work is in another chapter. Do you really care how it works, or, if it'll work for you and get you what you want? I know what I would say.

I don't care how my TV works as long as I can watch my beloved Tottenham HotSpurs. All I need to know is that I can watch the game not how my TV works. If you are as selfish as me, then Healthy Colors could be for you.

Don't worry there is a chapter explaining how it works, just incase you are a control freak, a nerd, or my competition trying to steal the secrets of Healthy Colors. If you are the latter, that's fucked up, stealing is bad, and It's a sin. In other words, you might go to hell.

Moving on. Healthy Colors is about losing weight, keeping it off and not hating the process. I have seen people change their lives, and what they eat is the biggest contributor of their success. Healthy foods; give more clean energy, make digestion easy, improve moods, allow a natural elimination of extra fat, and they are never-ever regretted.

By using Healthy Colors unique food identification system, you will be positively reinforced, encouraged and motivated to eat healthy foods. And when you eat unhealthy ones, it won't be a big deal, it will not be the end, instead it will be an opportunity for you to enjoy it guilt free or change it in the future.

We are humans and therefore not perfect, except for Keanu Reeves, obviously.

Knowing that we are not perfect is exactly why Healthy Colors works so well, it anticipates our imperfections and instead of making them a failure and restart point, they are accepted and moved on.

There are no forbidden foods, no cut off times, no brown-purple liquids to forcibly drink, no macro/calorie counting, no tedious food tracking, no guilt and no self hate.

When you do Healthy Colors, you will eat what you want and because of it, you will get the results you desperately need. Long term healthy eating.

In the following chapters I will explain how to start coloring your food,

in your mind, not actually coloring them.

The last thing I would like you to know since you are just curious about it, and haven't paid anything, is how it has worked with other people.

In all honesty, I had no idea how amazing Healthy Colors was until time after time, person after person were changing their eating habits, losing weight and eating foods that they like. Here is one of any examples.

A college girl that had struggle with her weight for most of her life, by doing Healthy Colors she was able to lose over 40lbs. But those are just numbers, what really changed was her. She became a confident, proud, fearless woman. I remember her telling me how she would be afraid of going to the mall with her friends, how nothing fitted, how she was always the ugly one at the back of the group. It wasn't, that she was ugly, it was that she felt ugly. After a couple of months of Healthy Colors she started finding clothes in the stores that were just for "pretty girls", people around her started treading her differently because she started to feel different. She would walk and talk with more confidence, and her new looks just kept on lifting her up. It took some time for her to accept her new self and it was scary. In 12 short months she went from the "ugly" girl in the back of the group to leading it. The significance of her story is not the weight loss, instead it's how she gained confidence and power by her own actions, by having full control on what she ate and that slowly but surely gave her a new view of herself and that turn into high self esteem, which poured out of her like a cup overflows with water.

To the point.

Healthy Colors is for the person that is sick and tired of doing diets. Is that you?

Healthy Colors is for the person that is ok losing 1-2lbs a week and eating foods that they like. Is that you?

Healthy Colors is for the person that can spend 10 seconds a day to log in their colors on a simple app. Is that you?

Healthy Colors is for the person that wants to lose extra fat and keep it off. Is that you?

and finally

Healthy Colors is for the person that can spend ten thousand dollars,

just kidding, I got ya didn't I?

Healthy Colors is for the person that wants to feel good inside and look great outside. Is that you?

That's all the time I have, now it is all up to you.

Will you try another diet? Swear off carbs? Stop eating after 7p? Count your macros?


Will you give Healthy Colors a chance?

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