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Trump or Biden who is worse for your health?

Elections are tomorrow and it seems like we are all looking forward or terrified of the outcome. Let's be clear this is not a political post. It is an analytical view of who would be worse for you, Trump or Biden, health-wise. Also a Healthy Colors post.

We begin by setting the metrics of grading. Because I love soccer and Tottenham won yesterday 2-1 (by Bale's goal). I am going to use the soccer point system.

Win=3pts, Tie=1pt, Loss=0pts

Let's the game begin!

Mental Health - Trump vs Biden

Trump will no doubt be more outrageous, say and maybe do some crazy shit!

Biden looks like he could disappear mentally in 1-2 years.

They both have uncertainty over them, Trump will lie, and Biden could just fade away.

For your mental health, Biden takes the 3pts. If Biden fades it will not create a mental breakdown on us, but if Trump continues to lie and talks out of his ass it will definitely mess up with our heads.

Nutritional Health

Biden looks to be in a healthy weight, it seems he eats more "Green meals than Red ones"(Healthy Colors plug).

Trump, we know loves fast food, is overweight and has an unnatural orange glow. And yet no heart attacks and has superhuman Twitter energy.

As a healthy eating advocate and junk food lover, this is a tough one to call. We must look at the evidence and try to see who would have an impact on our nutritional health.

Tie= Trump 1pt - Biden 1pt

Nor Biden or Trump will have a direct effect on what we eat, if we eat shit we are going to make up an excuse to do it. Only a psychologically-based behaviour modification system can retrain our eating habits. That can be done by many different methods. Personally, when I want to eat healthier I use Healthy Colors.

Physical Health

Some say "Who would win in a fight?" I say, In a fair fight Biden. In a dirty one Trump.

I believe a better physical question is (please picture it in your mind for better demonstration) who can still see their male genitalia while standing up naked? Yeah, two naked white men in your mind.

This one is actually very important, who is going to open up GYMs?

Trump is, and you know it because he doesn't give a F*ck about Covid-19. He says to be "immune to it" now.

With Corona Virus mainly affecting the at-risk population, I have seen it first hand, that people are more concern about working out than bringing cases of covid down. Working out at home, or the park sucks! And more people are now used to a clean, air condition gym with machines and away from home.

Trump takes the 3pts.

There you have it.

A scientifically, methological and unbiased analysis of who would be worse for your health.

The end result, a TIE

(just what all Americans like)

Trump 4pts - Biden 4pts.

The Winner is no-one and it seems this post was just a waste of time.

Except of course for the fact that you visited my site and the subtle mentions of

Healthy Colors.

Your welcome America!

Brought to you by

Healthy Colors,

"The American Way of Losing Weight"

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