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The country is in terrible shape, and what about you?

Not only is everything more expensive than having a wedding, but the world is also in conflict, the dollar is getting rejected and devalued. And we are about to have another Presidential election between an old clueless, and orange idiot. Needless to say, working out should be the least of our worries, right?

Fuck No... Now is the time to work-out!

A few decades ago, I went to Canoga Park High School as an illegal immigrant, who did not speak English. At that time the world was also in conflict (Golf war and then 9/11). Everything was also getting more expensive, and we also had elections that gave us an easily manipulated idiot, and then the first black president who tried to deport me but failed thanks to my fitness level at the time.

The point is, no matter the year, month or day there will always be a reason not to work-out. My question to you is, what can you do that will improve your life regardless of what is going on in the world?

The obvious answer is to work-out like your life depends on it, because it does.

Not long ago I was training my clients at Anytime Fitness Tarzana, I have been there for years and loved it. Then an opportunity presented itself, a bare-bones garage.

With very little money left, I said "fuck it, inflation keeps getting higher, I better use this money", that and my wife pushing me to renovate the garage is what initiated the process of turning this old garage into the MECCA of garage fitness in Canoga Park CA.

It was very cool to see how much it changed with the right tools, the right knowledge, and time. It's very similar at what a body can do when it starts to workout.

Just like the garage everything needs to be cleared out before the change can take place, in other words, your mind needs to be open for change.

At first it is not pretty, but then in a very short time, it starts to take shape of what it can become.

After years of working as a personal trainer, I have found the following 3 workout truths:

  1. Needs to be fun/enjoyable.

  2. It should be quick and to the point.

  3. Getting a coach/trainer is the best option (even Michael Jordan had a coach).

When it comes to losing weight, burning fat, or building muscle.

The first step is the same: Stop doing what you were doing.

  • For weight loss: stop eating junk and eat more healthy.

  • For burning fat: stop eating junk, eat healthy, and start working out.

  • For muscle building: stop eating junk, eat healthy, start workout out, and create a strong mind and body connection.

Any big change will require a significant amount of energy and time at the beginning. Similar to the enormous amount of energy it is required to lift off a rocket headed to the moon. That's how it felt at the beginning of building this Canoga Park "garage" gym. And yet, it was all worth it because now I train my fitness clients at home and offer them the best possible workouts to get the results they want.

It's not just great workouts, I also added air purifying, and an option to get a high-quality post-workout protein shake to make their change as effective as possible.

In conclusion, regardless of what is going on in the world, we can all benefit from having a fitter, sexier, faster, stronger, leaner, firmer, shaper, and healthier body.

If you live in the San Fernando Valley, don't mind working-out in a private garage, and want to get fit, then I might be able to help you.

The garage is located between Woodland Hills, and Reseda. To give you an idea my clients also come from Tarzana, West Hills, Porter Ranch, Van Nuys, Simi Valley and even Sylmar.

The first step would be a free call 818.314.2775 to see if we are a good fit. Then we can schedule an initial session where we will meet, assess your fitness levels and create a plan to reach your goals, the last step (assuming we are a good fit) is to set up a schedule for the workouts.

P.S. I also travel to see clients at their homes.

To schedule the free call, text me at 818.314.2775.

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